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to eat It got very sick and went out Into the bush.
We remembered what the Sukslseoketuk chief had
told us about keeping away from the white man's
food, and we thought at that moment that It was
the taste which killed the Indians, It turned our
stomachs up, and we could not keep It down.

After the cfeast\ which did not last long, the
white people started to bring out their wares to
trade with us for our buffalo robes and ermine.
They brought out a lot of things we had never
seen before—flour, molasses, bread5 axes, tools?
and so on. Our chief thought that the molasses
was grease, and when a barrel was rolled out in
front of him he reached down into it and brought
up two handfuls and rubbed It Into his hair, say-
ing: 'Ah, this will make good grease for the hair/
We thought that the flour was snow and that the
bread w^as tree-canker; and we did not care to
trade any of our robes for these.

What our braves wanted most of all was ball
and powder for their guns. They kept asking for
this, but the traders kept bringing out other
things. Finally some of our warriors asked the
Suksiseoketuk interpreter where they kept their
powder and ball, and he pointed to a building,
And this brave said, 'Come on, we will go over
there and show them what we want/

All of the braves went over and crowded into
this shed. There was a white man Insides and he